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Hey my Name is Bhavesh Deshmukh. I'm from India, I'm years old.

An Electronics engineering student who specializes in Modern,
Responsive, Minimalistic and High performance websites. I love working on exciting and creative projects.
I also love Filmmaking and photography

engineer, creative, clasher, designer, developer, work, filmmaker, youtuber, student, traveller.


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This was my very first professional build for my own Clash Of Clans Clan. Unfortunately the website is not live,I will try to make live asap

Blog design

This is a template build for blog which is ready for paywall systems.


Explorars designs Educational Travel for students to Domestic and International destinations.

Portfolio website for my own I hope you like it :).


This is a design for E-commerce website called "Thinkblingg", I built it on a very Low budget and client said they didnt liked it and they went for a different design. This is a clean looking design but client changed their mind after 3 months from finalizing the design.


A Mumbai based startup for Passport and affidavits online assistance. One of my favourite clients I have ever got it was fun to work with them.

Von Den Benken

This was a outsourced project. The site is about a Carpet business.

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I am excellent at Modern Designs, Responsive Designs, Server administration. The websites i make are completely SEO friendly and high-performance with low rendering time.
Web Designing, Graphics Designing, Server Administraion, Hosting.

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